The twentieth century also provides instances of anti-Semitic bigotry as illustrated by historical medals. One such example of anti-Jewish propaganda is revealed by commentaries surrounding a medal issued in the United States in 1933 honoring the newly-elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This medal, while on its face is not anti-Semitic, has been used to promote anti-Jewish invectives (figure 37). On the obverse is an image of President Roosevelt with the flag of the United States and the American Eagle. On the reverse can be seen a Star of David with the Hebrew inscription "Mazel [English: "Good Luck"] within the star. The star is surrounded by the legend HEALTH. WEALTH. PROSPERITY.

In 1936, the notorious anti-Semite and Nazi propagandist, Robert Edward Edmondson, twisted the meaning of this medal in an article he wrote titled: “Moe” Roosevelt Wins a Six-Point Solomon Star Medal. Edmondson used the medal, claiming it as evidence, in his view, of the inordinate influence Jews had on the Roosevelt administration, publishing his interpretation of the reverse inscription to mean: "Good Luck and Wisdom to Franklin D. Roosevelt, our Modern Moses, Leading Jewry in ‘The Promised Land’ (America) under the ‘Seal of Solomon’." He referred to the Star of David on the medal as the "Solomon Star," the "synagogue symbol of possession and world power." Edmondson published numerous other anti-Jewish tracts, writing among other things, that Roosevelt was of Jewish ancestry, as if this in itself was an indictment of him being a descendant of Claes Martenssen van Roosevelt of The Netherlands, whom Edmondson referred to as "Rosenvelt." Citing this medal and other material mentioned in the article, Edmondson concludes with: “This evidence merely adds more indisputable proof that the Roosevelt Communistic Administration is dominated by ‘Invisible Jewish Leadership’.” Edmondson was eventually tried for sedition in what became known as The Great Sedition Trial of 1944. Though the trial ended in a mistrial, Edmondson is widely believed by U.S. intelligence to have been an agent for Nazi Germany. (Wikipedia).

 General Auguste Mercier Medal    Dreyfus Affair: General Auguste Mercier Medal
Figure 37. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Inauguration Medal

Unknown medallist, USA, 1933, Bronze struck medal, 31 mm. This medal was given to attendees of a party celebrating FDR’s inauguration. (Image courtesy of Ira Rezak)

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