By Mel Wacks

9Shekel obv 2Jannaeus rev
3Shekel of Tyre obv 7Pilate obv 13Sela obv
Jannaeus coin 10Shekel rev

The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics (Coins of the Bible) was written by Mel Wacks for coin collectors, numismatists and history buffs interested in learning about ancient Jewish (Judaean) coins and related Greek coins, Roman coins, etc. that offer unique insights into Jewish, Pagan, Christian and Islamic history in the Holy Land. These "Bible Coins" include Hasmonean coins (Maccabees), Herodian coins (Herod the Great, et al), Procurator coins (Pontius Pilate, et al), First Revolt coins (Shekels, et al), Judaea Capta coins, Second Revolt coins (Bar Kochba), and coins associated with Jesus (“30 Pieces of Silver,” “Tribute Penny” and “Widow’s Mite”). The So-Called Coins on the Shroud of Turin are also discussed.

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