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Jüdisches Museum Wien (The Jewish Museum of Vienna), founded in 1895, was the first Jewish museum. The first Jewish Museum in America, The Jewish Museum, was founded in 1904 in the library of The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. The Jewish Museum in Cyberspace first appeared on the Internet in 2002. The Jewish Museum in Cyberspace features the Jewish-American Hall of Fame (founded in 1969), the Handbook of Biblical Numismatics, and the Kristallnacht Memorial. The Jewish-American Hall of Fame honors the Jews who helped Columbus to Barbra Streisand illustrated by Jewish art medals; plus an exhibit of Albert Einstein medals, Jewish crossword puzzles and quizzes, and you can learn why Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe were Jewish. The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics is a guidebook to coins of the Bible issued by Jews, Pagans, Christians and Moslems in the Holy Land. The Jewish Museum in Cyberspace also features the virtual memorial to the victims of Kristallnacht, created by a child survivor of the Holocaust.