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Jewish-American Hall of Fame Chronology

  • 2013: The Fromer Scholar Medal was produced by the Jewish-American Hall of Fame for the Magnes Collection at UC Berkeley. The first recipient was Aviv Nitsan, a senior in Comparative Literature (photo by Peg Skorpinski).

  • Former Scholar UC Berkeley
  • 2014: During a Town Meeting at Milken Community Schools on October 1, Mel Wacks, Director of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame, presented student Gabi Kamran ’15 with a $500 dollar check and an award medal as the grand winner of the Norman E. Alexander Award for Excellence in Jewish Student Writing for her essay on Betty Friedan. The contest was sponsored by the Jewish-American Hall of Fame, Fresh Ink for Teens, and The Jewish Week, New York's largest Jewish newspaper. Photo by Andrea Smith.
Mel Wacks
  • 2014: Metal Man: The Story of Victor Ries premiered on October 2, at the Mill Valley Film Festival. A film by Bill Chayes, it is copyrighted by the Jewish-American Hall of Fame. Victor Ries’ story takes us through his early life in Germany, fleeing Nazis for Palestine in 1933, emigrating to America during the 1948 War, and showings at major museums. The film pictures Victor’s important legacy of metal artworks of all kinds and sizes, from jewelry to Jewish-American Hall of Fame medals to major installations in synagogues and churches. Photo courtesy of Noa Mohlabane.
Metal Man
  • 2014: Asser Levy medal featured in exhibit of Jews in the American Military that opened on November 11, at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Washington DC. Photo courtesy of Pamela Elbe.
The Call to Defend Community

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