Wiener Letters


The Gershom Mendes Seixas Medal, issued in 1975


Before arriving at the final reverse design of the Seixas medal, Ms. Wiener prepared drawings showing several different variations of the congregants, led by Seixas, leaving the Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue when the British captured New York. She even experimented with a round shape.



The menorah (candelabrum) was at various times held by the figure on the far right, or it was very large and held by the second figure from the left. The drawings were sent to Wacks on 8/24/75, after the medal was completed.




 Gerta Ries Wiener finds fault with the finish of the Seixas medals (3/18/06): “Did you notice that each of the 3 Seixas medals are different? And I think that neither of them are as carefully done as the Brandeis one. They seem ‘overrubbed’ so that fine details disappear and the forms lose their sharpness. On one there is no ‘antiquing’ at all. I’m glad I saw this, and will be very sparing with small detail on the Henrietta Szold medal, especially on the side I’m now working on – the one with all the children. The finished portrait side is simple anyway.”


Seixas bronze medal


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