Magnes Museum

Seymour Fromer with Abba Eban, keynote speaker at the dinner celebrating the Museum's 20th anniversary (1982).

Magnes Museum’s 20th Anniversary medal, created by Marika Somogyi (1982).
The Museum is a Vital Organism

We saw many sorry cases in those days, and we heard from many distraught parents. Some of the youths, whom we knew to be brilliant, seemed utterly destroyed by LSD; others were given to such bizarre conduct as to strain toleration to the limits, and still others had none of these problems, but rather wanted to do research or to Introduce gentile girlfriends and boyfriends to something comprehensible about Jewish life and culture. There is no way to recount the dozens of times merely hanging a picture on a wall signaled an individual's rehabilitation, no way to describe what the garden meant to someone who could only water or only weed, no way to communicate the expression of a famished, penniless young man who is "casually" treated to dinner, etc. The stories are an endless stream, teeming with life, and we must not mistake the facade for the substance. The museum is more than the composite of Its edifice, exhibits, and research. It is a vital organism responsive on every conceivable level, and no course of studies can provide such a curricula.

Magnes Museum membership brochure.

In July 2010, the Magnes Museum closed its doors at 2911 Russell Street and moved to The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. You are invited to visit the website of The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life at

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