The First Revolt took place from 66-70 CE, and the Second Revolt, led by Bar Kochba, lasted from 132-135 CE. However, another Jewish uprising that took place 115-117 CE mainly among the Jewish diaspora in the Roman provinces during the reign of the Emperor Trajan, that is called the "War of Quietus." Roman General Quietus was commander of the Moorish cavalry in the Roman army that subdued the Jewish revolt in Mesopotamia. As reward for his success, Trajan appointed Quietus as ruler of Judaea in 117 CE. While there aren't any coins to memorialize this Jewish revolt, Trajan did issue coins in the Judaea Capta style to commemorate the defeat of the Armenians, Parthians, and Dacians. There are also coins struck in Palestine during Trajan's rule, while the Jewish revolt was taking place. (#94)

#94 Ascalon (Palestine), 116/117 CE (Rosen.III, p. 76, 25)

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