It was not until the 20th century that "Israel" again appears on coins - in a greatly abbreviated Hebrew form "E(retz) Y(srael)" (Land of Israel) on coins of the British Palestine Mandate, 1927-1946. (#136) Finally, "Israel" is inscribed fully (in Hebrew and Arabic) on the first coins issued in 1948 shortly after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. (#137) Significantly, these 25 mils feature a bunch of grapes, similar to the design that appeared on one of the last coins of the ancient Jewish state issued by Bar Kochba in 134/135 CE. (#138)
#136 Palestine Mandate 100 Mils 1927

#137 Israel 25 Mils

#138 Grapes on Bar Kochba silver zuz 133/134 CE (H-734)

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