Albert Einstein Medals
British Virgin Islands
San Marino
United Nations
United States
United States
1950 Gilroy Roberts
Medallic Art Co.
Issued by the Lewis and Rosa Strauss Memorial Fund to honor Einstein's 70th birthday; the Albert Einstein Award was established to recognize high achievement in the natural sciences.
1956 Gilroy Roberts
Medallic Art Co.
Presented by Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine as recognition of outstanding achievements in the fields of art, science, humanities and public affairs.
1965 Gilroy Roberts
Medallic Art Co.
Awarded by Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Shell Oil Co.
One of the tokens created for the "Famous Americans Coin Game."
1971 Prof. Robert Russin
Minted by Medallic Art Co. for the Magnes Museum
Third issue in the "Jewish-American Hall of Fame" series.
1971 Joseph DiLorenzo
Longines Symphonette Society
One of the "Great American Triumphs" series issued to commemorate events and people in the 200 years of American history.

1971 Hal Reed
Minted by Medallic Art Co. for the Society of Medalists
The 83rd issue in the series that was launched in 1930.

After 1973 Mico Kaufman
Minted by Medallic Art Co. for the Danbury Mint
One of a series of 200 issues "Medallic History of America."
United States Silver Corporation
One of a set of 12 ingots.
1974 Adolph Block
Hamilton Mint
One of a series of 50 ingots "Our Greatest Americans."
1979 Designed by Elmer Anderson, engraved by Adam Cool
Elongated Cents, etc. commemorating the centennial of Einstein's birth.
1979 Allen Sloane
Commemorates the centennial of Einstein's birth.
1980 Kenneth Reynolds
Produced by Orleans Medalarts for American Coin Club
One of a the "Numismatic Commemorative Series."
1983 Frans Kleimer
Minted by Medallic Art Co. for the German-American Tricentennial Commission
Commemorative of the 300th anniversary of the first German settlers in America features portraits of Albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger, Babe Ruth, Marlene Dietrich, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Baron von Steuben.
1984 Ms. J. Allen
Reengraved Buffalo Nickels (1913-1938) made in the style of "Hobo Nickels."
1984 Alex Shagin
Marks the 30th anniversary of Einstein's death.
1985 Alex Shagin
Produced from an obverse design created in Leningrad in 1979, and a reverse created in Los Angeles in 1984.
1972 Raphael Maklauf
Minted by Medallic Art Co. for the Medical Heritage Society
One of a series "Medallic Treasury of Science History."
1980 Alex Shagin
Uniface medal commemorates the 100th anniversary of Einstein's birth.
1989 Blaine Kern Artists
Struck in West Germany for Krewe of Endymion
Specially issued Mardi Gras oval doubloon is part of series "They Changed the World."
1991 Vicki Patrick
Cast by Bergmot Brass Works for Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Pictures the 24 attendees (including Albert Einstein) to the First Solvay Physics Council held in Brussels in 1911.
1991 Designed by Harry Flower, Engraved by Frank Brazzell
Elongated coins were made from cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, Israeli coins, etc.
1990 Blaine Kern Artists
Minted by Osborne Coinage Co. for Argus
"Throw" used by Argus in the New Orleans' Mardi Gras Parade; features "Men of Distinction," Moses, Thomas Jefferson, Wilbur and Orville Wright, and Albert Einstein.
2000 Design by Mel Wacks, art by Alex Shagin, based on 1971 Einstein Jewish-American Hall of Fame medal by Robert Russin
Wooden Cybershekel commemorates the installation of the Harry Flower Collection of Einstein Coins and Medals in the Jewish-American Hall of Fame web site.
2015 Concept by Mel Wacks
BEX Engraving
100 1915 & 18 Other "Barber" Half Dollars were counterstamped to commemorate the centennial of Einsteinís Theory of General Relativity.
Franklin Mint
1968 David Cornell
Shell Oil Co./One of a series of "Famous Americans."
1968 Joseph Boulton
Issued by the National Commemorative Society
1970 Caesar Rufo
"Gallery of Great Americans" series.
1973 Designed by Oscar Harris, sculpted by James Ponter
Issued by The Judaic Heritage Society/ "The Medallic History of the Jewish People" series.
1975 Gilroy Roberts
Medallic tribute to America's 200th anniversary, featuring 30 Americans including Albert Einstein (at 5 o'clock near designer's initials).
1975 Karen Worth
Issued by The Judaic Heritage Society
"The Medallic History of the Jews of America" series.
1978 Ernest Lauser
"The Great Events of the 20th Century" series.
1979 Dominic Angelini
Issued by the Postmasters of America
Philatelic-Numismatic Combination series.
1979 Vincent Miller
"Medallic History of Science" series.
: 1980 Lillie Kelsey
"Medallic History of Mankind" series.
1981 Caesar Rufo
"The Genius of America" series
: 1982 Jaki Katz
Issued by the Honor America Committee
"One Hundred Greatest Americans" series..
1983 Edward Hart
Issued by the Living History Center (Philadelphia)/"American Hall of Fame" series.
1983 Prof. Masino Bessi
Design identical to 1972 Israel banknote
Unique trial specimen of ingot that was not included in "The World's Greatest Banknotes" series of ingots.

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