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Jewish-American Hall of Fame Chronology

  • 1988: Uriah P. Levy medal by Hal Reed gains headline "The Restorer of Monticello is Honored" in the New York Times. Also written up by Hadassah Magazine, Canadian Coin News, etc.
    Irving Berlin indicates that he is "very pleased" to be an honoree of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame. A plaque is prepared by Marika Somogyi, but Mr. Berlin does not permit medals to be made.
    Special Issue: Distributed Israel-Arab Peace medal by Nat Sobel.
  • 1989: Syndicated columnist Ed Rochette writes that the Jewish-American Hall of Fame Benny Goodman medal by Marika Somogyi "is a masterpiece of art in miniature . that can hold their own with any European product."
    Marika wins the prestigious Numismatic Art Award for Excellence in Medallic Sculpture, presented annually by the American Numismatic Association.
  • 1990: Dateline: World Jewry, published by the World Jewish Congress, indicates that "Dr. Bela Schick has been named as the 1990 inductee (medal by Ms. Wiener) into the Jewish-American Hall of Fame at the Judah Magnes Memorial Museum in Berkeley, California." The medal was featured on the cover of Coin Monthly, Britain's Best Selling Coin Magazine, and a quantity were sold to the Department of Pediatrics, Montefiore Medical Center.
  • 1991: Hank Greenberg Memorial Golf & Tennis Invitational (Bloomfield Hills, MI) purchases large quantity of Greenberg medals by Hal Reed and gives out to participants.
  • 1992: Special medal by Paul Vincze issued as tribute to the quincentennial of the expulsion of Jews from Spain and the "discovery" of the New World by Columbus.
    Video made and sold by Media Resource of lecture presented by Mel Wacks at the Long Beach Numismatic Expo: "Medals of the Magnes Museum's Jewish-American Hall of Fame."
  • 1993: Leonard Bernstein medal, designed by Marika Somogyi, is authorized by The Leonard Bernstein Society, which purchases a small quantity.
    His daughter, Jamie Bernstein Thomas, sends a letter, which is read at the installation ceremony at the Magnes Museum. She wrote, in part: "My father would have been deeply honored to have his name included in the Jewish-American Hall of Fame. Leonard Bernstein took his Jewish heritage very seriously ."

    Special Issue: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is honored on a special medal commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame. Ginsburg writes: "I was touched beyond description by the association with Louis Brandeis, Golda Meir, and Benjamin Cardozo, and cherish the special medal."
    A video: Visions is written by Mel Wacks and produced by Bill Chayes, depicting the deeds and medals of all our Hall of Famers.

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